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class  modm::AbstractMenu
 Same as the AbstractView class, except it forces the developer to reimplement the handling of button presses More...
class  modm::AbstractView
 Base class for all screens handled by the ViewStack class More...
class  modm::ChoiceMenu
 Simmliar list like the Standard Menu. In the ChoiceMenu each entry is associated with a boolean variable, which can be changed by pressing the OK Button More...
class  modm::ChoiceMenuEntry
class  modm::CommunicatingView
class  modm::CommunicatingViewStack
struct  modm::MenuEntry
 Menu Entry of Standard Menu More...
class  modm::MenuEntryCallback
class  modm::ScrollableText
 Scrolls the text if the required space of the string is less than the available More...
class  modm::StandardMenu
 StandardMenu provides a vertical list of entry More...
class  modm::ViewStack
 Stack which handles the displaying of views on the graphic display More...


enum  modm::MenuButtons::Button {
 The Button enum defines the five buttons, which are used in the views. More...

Detailed Description

lbuild module: modm:ui:menu

Simple to use classes for implementing menu structures on graphic displays.

Some convenience classes for implementing menus. The menus are using a stack to allow stepping forward and backwards through the screens.

The menus are based on the usage of five buttons. Inside most of the screens these buttons have the following functions:

Some classes currently only work with the font modm::font::FixedWidth5x8!

Enumeration Type Documentation

The Button enum defines the five buttons, which are used in the views.

Thorsten Lajewski