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modm::CommunicatingViewStack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for modm::CommunicatingViewStack:

Public Member Functions

 CommunicatingViewStack (modm::ColorGraphicDisplay *display, xpcc::Communicator *communicator)
xpcc::CommunicatorgetCommunicator ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from modm::ViewStack
 ViewStack (modm::ColorGraphicDisplay *display)
modm::AbstractViewget ()
 get the top view from the stack More...
void push (modm::AbstractView *view)
 push new view on top of stack the new view will be displayed instead of the old one More...
modm::ColorGraphicDisplaygetDisplay ()
 getDisplay access underlying GraphicDisplay
void pop ()
 pop remove top view from the stack. The removed view is deleted
virtual void update ()
void shortButtonPress (modm::MenuButtons::Button button)
 shortButtonPress pass the button press to the current top view More...

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from modm::ViewStack
modm::Stack< modm::AbstractView *, modm::LinkedList< modm::AbstractView * > > stack

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