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modm::accessor::Flash< T > Class Template Reference

#include <modm/architecture/interface/accessor_flash.hpp>

Public Member Functions

modm_always_inline Flash (const T *addr=0)
template<typename U >
modm_always_inline Flash (const Flash< U > &rhs)
modm_always_inline const T operator* () const
modm_always_inline const T operator[] (size_t index) const
modm_always_inline Flash & operator++ ()
modm_always_inline Flash operator++ (int)
modm_always_inline Flash & operator-- ()
modm_always_inline Flash & operator-- (int)
modm_always_inline Flash & operator+= (size_t rhs)
modm_always_inline Flash & operator-= (size_t rhs)
modm_always_inline bool isValid () const
modm_always_inline const T * getPointer () const

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class modm::accessor::Flash< T >

Pointer to flash memory

This template can mostly be used like a regular pointer, but operates on the flash memory rather than RAM. It will automatically read the data from flash when dereferenced.

Based on a implementation of Rolf Magnus, see

Fabian Greif

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