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modm::SpiDevice< SpiMaster > Class Template Reference

#include <modm/architecture/interface/spi_device.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for modm::SpiDevice< SpiMaster >:
modm::ad7928< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::adis16470< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::ads816x< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::drv832xSpi< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::Lis3TransportSpi< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::ltc2984< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::Mcp23TransportSpi< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::Sx1276< SpiMaster, Cs > modm::Tmp12x< SpiMaster, Cs, TemperatureT > modm::touch2046< SpiMaster, Cs >

Public Member Functions

void attachConfigurationHandler (Spi::ConfigurationHandler handler)

Protected Member Functions

bool acquireMaster ()
bool releaseMaster ()

Detailed Description

template<class SpiMaster>
class modm::SpiDevice< SpiMaster >

Base class of an SPI Device.

This class provides functions for configuring the peripheral.

Georgi Grinshpun
Niklas Hauser

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