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modm::GpioOutput Class Reference

#include <modm/architecture/interface/gpio.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for modm::GpioOutput:
modm::Gpio modm::GpioIO modm::GpioExpanderPin< GpioExpander, expander, pin > modm::platform::GpioStatic< detail::DataUnused >

Public Types

enum  Direction { In = 0, Out = 1, InOut = 2, Special = 3 }
 Declares the direction of a GPIO.

Static Public Member Functions

static void setOutput ()
 configure pin as output
static void setOutput (bool value)
 configure pin as output and set high or low
static void set ()
 set output to high level
static void set (bool value)
 set output to high or low level
static void reset ()
 set output to low level
static void toggle ()
 toggle output level
static bool isSet ()

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Direction direction = Direction::Out
 Declares the Pin direction.
static constexpr bool High = true
static constexpr bool Low = false

Detailed Description

Output interface of an I/O pin.

The pin is not automatically set as an output after startup, so remember to call setOutput() after startup!

Member Function Documentation

static bool modm::GpioOutput::isSet ( )

Returns the set logical output state of the pin. This may be different from the physical state!

Member Data Documentation

constexpr bool modm::Gpio::Low = false

These constants refer to the logical state of the GPIO. The physical state is determined by the configuration and external connection.

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