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modm::log::Style< STYLE > Class Template Reference

This is the interface to all style-classes of the logger. More...

#include <modm/debug/logger/style.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for modm::log::Style< STYLE >:
modm::log::Prefix< T, STYLE > modm::log::StdColour< TEXT, BACKGROUND, STYLE >

Public Typedefs

typedef STYLE Type

Public Member Functions

 Style (STYLE style)
 Style (IODevice &device)
void parseArg (int argc, char *argv)
 parse arguments that are given with the start of the program
void write (char c)
 Write one char to the sink.
void write (const char *s)
 Write a string that terminates with '\0' to the sink.
void flush ()
 The message is complete and can be written/send/displayed.

Detailed Description

template<typename STYLE = DefaultStyle>
class modm::log::Style< STYLE >

This is the interface to all style-classes of the logger.

For each log level the logger provides a singleton. Because the format the log messages should be presented depends on the system and other circumstances. With the style-classes the user can set in the main-file the desired format of the output stream.

This classes take the stream from the loglevel device, modify it in the given way and pass it to the next style class or device.

Martin Rosekeit

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