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Inheritance diagram for modm::Spi:
modm::SpiMaster modm::platform::BitBangSpiMaster< Sck, Mosi, Miso > modm_test::platform::SpiMaster

Public Typedefs

using ConfigurationHandler = void (*)()
 The signature of the configuration function.

Public Types

enum  DataMode : uint8_t { DataMode::Mode0 = 0b00, DataMode::Mode1 = 0b01, DataMode::Mode2 = 0b10, DataMode::Mode3 = 0b11 }
 Spi Data Mode, Mode0 is the most common mode. More...
enum  DataOrder : uint8_t { MsbFirst = 0b0, LsbFirst = 0b1 }
 Spi Data Order, MsbFirst is the most common mode.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum modm::Spi::DataMode : uint8_t

Spi Data Mode, Mode0 is the most common mode.

Enum ValuesDocumentation

clock normal, sample on rising edge


clock normal, sample on falling edge


clock inverted, sample on falling edge


clock inverted, sample on rising edge

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