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Cross Platform Component Communication (XPCC)


 XPCC Generator
 The backend provides connection to different hardware modules to transmit the communication.


class  xpcc::AbstractComponent
 Abstract base class for a component More...
class  xpcc::ActionResult< T >
class  xpcc::Communicatable
 Base class for all classed which need to communicate More...
class  xpcc::CommunicatableTask
class  xpcc::Communicator
 A adapter class which can be obtained from a AbstractComponent More...
class  xpcc::Dispatcher
class  xpcc::Postman
 Postman interface More...
class  xpcc::ResponseCallback
 Callback type, which has to be passed to communication during actioncall in order to be able to receive a response More...
class  xpcc::ResponseHandle
 Response to an action call More...


enum  xpcc::Response : bool { Negative = false, Positive = true }

Detailed Description

lbuild module: modm:communication:xpcc

Module Options

modm:communication:xpcc:timeout.acknowledge: Timeout in ms of an reception acknowledgement

Generated with: 100 in [10 .. 100 .. 10000]

modm:communication:xpcc:timeout.response: Timeout in ms of an request response

Generated with: 200 in [10 .. 200 .. 10000]

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum xpcc::Response : bool

Response to an action call.