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modm::NestedResumable< Levels > Class Template Reference

#include <modm/processing/resumable/nested_resumable.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void stopResumable ()
 Force all resumable functions to stop running at the current nesting level.
bool isResumableRunning () const
int8_t getResumableDepth () const
modm::ResumableResult< ReturnType > resumable function (...)

Protected Member Functions

 NestedResumable ()
 Construct a new class with nested resumable functions.

Detailed Description

template<uint8_t Levels = 1>
class modm::NestedResumable< Levels >

Niklas Hauser
Template Parameters
Levelsmaximum number of nesting levels (should be <128): max(number of resumable functions that are called within resumable functions) + 1

Member Function Documentation

template<uint8_t Levels = 1>
modm::ResumableResult< ReturnType > resumable modm::NestedResumable< Levels >::function (   ...)

Run the resumable function.

You need to implement this method in you subclass yourself.

>NestingError if still running, <=NestingError if it has finished.
template<uint8_t Levels = 1>
int8_t modm::NestedResumable< Levels >::getResumableDepth ( ) const
the nesting depth in the current resumable function, or -1 if called outside any resumable function
template<uint8_t Levels = 1>
bool modm::NestedResumable< Levels >::isResumableRunning ( ) const
true if a resumable function is running at the current nesting level, else false

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