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ResumableTest Class Reference

#include </tmp/tmp145hdvo_/attiny85v-20su/modm-test/src/modm-test/processing/resumable/resumable_test.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void testClassMethods ()
void testNesting ()
void testSpawn ()
void testComplexSpawn ()
void testCaseNumbers ()
void testReturnEnumClass ()
void testReturnVoidClass ()
void testNonNestedResumables ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from unittest::TestSuite
virtual void setUp ()
virtual void tearDown ()

Detailed Description

Niklas Hauser

Member Function Documentation

void ResumableTest::testReturnEnumClass ( )

Test if resumables can return enum class values

This was not the case for the first iteration of resumables, because the constant 0 cannot be implicitly casted to an enum class value. Thus this is a regression test.

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