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modm::filter::Ramp< T > Class Template Reference

Ramp. More...

#include <modm/math/filter/ramp.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Ramp (const T &increment, const T &decrement, const T &initialValue=T ())
 Create a ramp generator. More...
void setTarget (const T &target)
void update ()
 Calculate the next step.
void reset (const T &value=T ())
const T & getValue () const
bool isTargetReached () const

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class modm::filter::Ramp< T >


The output value is incremented or decremented at every call to update until target has been reached by increment or decrement.

The final value is always set to target after several calls to update.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T >
modm::filter::Ramp< T >::Ramp ( const T &  increment,
const T &  decrement,
const T &  initialValue = T () 

Create a ramp generator.

incrementStep size for positive direction
decrementStep size for the negative direction. Needs to be positive!
initialValueStarting value
Both values for increment and decrement needs to be positive!

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