modm API documentation
External Device Drivers


 AD7280A Lithium Ion Battery Monitoring System
 AD79x8 ADC
 Oversampling of ADC inputs
 ADIS16470 Inertial Measurement Unit
 ADNS-9800 Laser Motion Sensor
 ADS7843 Resistive Touch Controller
 ADS816x ADC
 AMS 5915 Pressure Sensor
 APA102 RGB LED Driver
 Block Allocator
 Block Devices
 BME280 Pressure Sensor
 BMP085 Pressure Sensor
 BNO055 9-DOF Inertial Measurement Unit
 CAT24AAxx I2C Eeprom
 DRV832xS: Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver
 DS1302 Real-Time Clock
 DS1x31 Temperature Sensor
 1-Wire Thermometer
 EA-DOG Displays
 Quadrature Encoder Input
 Quadrature Encoder Input using STM32 general purpose Timer
 Quadrature Encoder Output
 FAT File System
 FT6x06 Capacitive Touch Controller
 HCLA Pressure Sensor
 HD44780 Displays
 HMC58x3 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer
 HMC6343 3-Axis Compass
 HX711 Load Cell Amplifier and ADC
 I2C Eeprom
 ILI9341 Display with parallel and SPI bus transports
 IS31FL3733 Matrix Driver
 ITG3200 Digital Gyroscope
 L3GD20 3-Axis Gyroscope
 LAN8720A Ethernet Transceiver
 Lawicel Format Converter
 LIS3xx Transport Layer
 LIS302DL 3-Axis Accelerometer
 LIS3DSH 3-Axis Accelerometer
 LIS3MDL Magnetic Sensor
 LM75 Thermometer
 LP503x 30/36 channel LED PWM driver
 LSM303DLHC 3-Axis Accelerometer
 LSM6DS33 always-on 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
 LTC298x Thermometer
 MAX6966 8-bit PWM Driver
 MAX7219 Display
 MCP23x17 16-Bit I/O Expander
 MPC2515 External CAN Controller
 Parallel Busses
 MMC5603 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer
 Nokia 5110 Displays
 NRF24 Drivers
 Parallel Bus TFT Display
 PAT9125EL Motion Sensor
 PCA8574 8-Bit I/O Expander
 PCA9535 16-Bit I/O Expander
 PCA9548A/TCA9548A I2C Switch
 PCA9685 12-bit PWM Driver
 SH1106 Display
 Siemens S65 Display
 Siemens S75/CX75/C81/M75 Display
 SK6812 RGBW Driver
 SK9822 RGB LED Driver
 SSD1306 Display
 ST7586S 4-level grayscale LCD controller
 Simple driver for STTS22H I2c temperature sensor
 STUSB4500 USB PD controller
 Semtech SX1276 Driver
 TCS3414 Digital Color Sensor
 TCS3472X Digital Color Sensor
 Terminal Output
 TLC594* 12-bit PWM Driver
 TMP102 Thermometer
 TMP121/123/125 Thermometer
 TMP175 Thermometer
 TSC2046/x2046 Resistive Touch Controller
 VL53L0X Proximity Sensor
 VL6180X Proximity Sensor
 WS2812 Driver

Detailed Description

lbuild module: modm:driver