modm API documentation
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cmodm::aligned_storage< 16 >
 Cmodm::aligned_storage< Size >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< ChoiceMenuEntry >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< Entry >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< int16_t >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< MenuEntry >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< Message >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< modm::can::Message >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< modm::Vector< T, 2 > >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< ReceiveListItem >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< SendListItem >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< Timeline::Event >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< Widget * >
 Cmodm::ui::AnimationBase< uint8_t >
 Cmodm::DoublyLinkedList< ChoiceMenuEntry >
 Cmodm::DoublyLinkedList< MenuEntry >
 Cmodm::DynamicArray< int16_t >
 Cmodm::DynamicArray< modm::Vector< T, 2 > >
 Cmodm::DynamicArray< Widget * >
 Cmodm::ui::FastRamp< uint8_t >
 Cmodm::accessor::Flash< char >
 Cmodm::accessor::Flash< modm::sab::Action >
 Cmodm::accessor::Flash< uint8_t >
 Cmodm::GenericPeriodicTimer< Clock, ShortDuration >
 Cmodm::GenericTimeout< Clock, ShortDuration >
 Cmodm::GenericTimeout< PreciseClock, ShortPreciseDuration >
 Cmodm::inplace_any< MODM_AMNB_HANDLER_STORAGE+sizeof (void *)>
 Cmodm::ui::KeyFrame< T >
 Cmodm::ui::KeyFrameAnimation< T >
 Cmodm::LinkedList< Entry >
 Cmodm::LinkedList< Message >
 Cmodm::LinkedList< modm::can::Message >
 Cmodm::LinkedList< ReceiveListItem >
 Cmodm::LinkedList< SendListItem >
 Cmodm::LinkedList< Timeline::Event >
 Cmodm::LittleEndian< uint16_t >
 Cmodm::Max7219< Spi, Cs, COLUMNS *ROWS >
 Cmodm::AbstractViewBase class for all screens handled by the ViewStack class
 Cmodm::accessor::Flash< T >
 Cmodm::accessor::Ram< T >
 Cmodm::Ad7280a< Spi, Cs, Cnvst, N >
 Cmodm::ad7928< SpiMaster, Cs >::Data
 Cmodm::AdcSampler< AdcInterrupt, Channels, Oversamples >
 Cmodm::Ads7843< Spi, Cs, Int >
 Cmodm::aligned_storage< Cap, Align >
 Cmodm::allocator::AllocatorBase< T >Base class for all allocator types
 Cmodm::allocator::Block< T, BLOCKSIZE >::rebind
 Cmodm::allocator::Dynamic< T >::rebind
 Cmodm::allocator::Static< T, N >::rebind
 Cmodm::amnb::Result< ReturnType, ErrorType >
 Cmodm::Ams5915< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::AngleCollection of functions for handling of angles
 Cmodm::Apa102< SpiMaster, LEDs >
 Cmodm::ArithmeticTraits< T >
 Cmodm::atomic::Container< T >Atomic access to objects
 Cmodm::atomic::FlagFlag to signal events between interrupts and the main-loop
 Cmodm::atomic::Queue< T, N >Interrupt save queue
 Cmodm::BdSpiFlash< Spi, Cs, flashSize >::JedecId
 Cmodm::BigEndian< T >
 Cmodm::BitBangEncoderInput< SignalA, SignalB, POSTSCALER, DeltaType >This driver decodes a AB (incremental) encoder signal
 Cmodm::BitBangEncoderOutput< SignalA, SignalB, PositionType, PeriodicTimer, period >This driver generates a AB (incremental) encoder signal to emulate a hardware encoder with a microcontroller
 Cmodm::BitbangMemoryInterface< PORT, CS, CD, WR >Access external parallel memory with bit-bang mode
 Cmodm::BlockAllocator< T, BLOCK_SIZE >
 Cmodm::Bme280< I2cMaster >
 Cmodm::bmp085< I2cMaster >
 Cmodm::Bno055< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::BoundedDeque< T, N >Double ended queue
 Cmodm::Button< PIN >Simple Button
 Cmodm::ButtonGroup< T >
 Cmodm::CanBitTiming< Clk, Bitrate, prescaler_width, bs1_width, bs2_width, sjw_width >
 Cmodm::CanBitTimingMcp2515< Clk, Bitrate >
 Cmodm::Circle2D< T >Circle
 Cmodm::color::BrightnessT< T >Brightness as unsigned integral. Add's the math for conversion to and from Color-Types. Use with: Grayscale Buffers, Dimmed LEDs, Brightness sensors
 Cmodm::color::HsvT< T >Color in HSV Colorspace
 Cmodm::color::RgbT< T >
 Cmodm::DateCalender Date and Time
 Cmodm::detail::MakeSigned< Vector< T, N > >
 Cmodm::detail::MakeUnsigned< Vector< T, N > >
 Cmodm::detail::WideType< Vector< T, N > >
 Cmodm::DoublyLinkedList< T, Allocator >Doubly-linked list
 Cmodm::DoublyLinkedList< T, Allocator >::Node
 Cmodm::ds1302< PinSet >
 Cmodm::ds1302< PinSet >::Config
 Cmodm::ds1302< PinSet >::Data
 Cmodm::Ds18b20< OneWire >
 Cmodm::DynamicArray< T, Allocator >Dynamic Arrays
 Cmodm::fat::PhysicalVolumeInterface to a SD Card, Dataflash, etc
 Cmodm::filter::Debounce< T >Debouncing binary signals
 Cmodm::filter::Fir< T, N, BLOCK_SIZE, ScaleFactor >
 Cmodm::filter::Median< T, N >Median filter
 Cmodm::filter::MovingAverage< T, N >Moving average filter
 Cmodm::filter::Ramp< T >Ramp
 Cmodm::Ft245< PORT, RD, WR, RXF, TXE >
 Cmodm::Ft6x06< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::Ft6x06< I2cMaster >::touch_t
 Cmodm::GenericPeriodicTimer< Clock, Duration >
 Cmodm::GenericPrescaler< T >
 Cmodm::GenericPrescaler< T >::Result
 Cmodm::GenericTimeout< Clock, Duration >
 Cmodm::GeometricTraits< T >Traits for all geometric classes
 Cmodm::GeometricTraits< double >
 Cmodm::GeometricTraits< float >
 Cmodm::GeometricTraits< int16_t >
 Cmodm::GeometricTraits< int32_t >
 Cmodm::GeometricTraits< int8_t >
 Cmodm::GeometricTraits< uint8_t >
 Cmodm::get_callable_signature< F >
 Cmodm::get_callable_signature< F >
 Cmodm::get_callable_signature< R (*)(Args...)>
 Cmodm::get_callable_signature< R (Args...)>
 Cmodm::HclaX< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::Hd44780Base< DATA, RW, RS, E >
 Cmodm::Hmc58x3< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::Hmc6343< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::hx711< Cfg >::Config
 Cmodm::Ili9341ParallelInterface< INTERFACE >::BatchHandle
 Cmodm::Ili9341SPIInterface< SPI, Cs, Dc >::BatchHandle
 Cmodm::inplace_any< Size >
 Cmodm::interpolation::Lagrange< T, Accessor >
 Cmodm::interpolation::Linear< T, Accessor >
 Cmodm::is31fl3733< I2cMaster >::LedData
 Cmodm::Itg3200< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::L3gd20< Transport >::Data
 Cmodm::Line2D< T >Line
 Cmodm::LineSegment2D< T >Line segment
 Cmodm::LinkedList< T, Allocator >Singly-linked list
 Cmodm::LinkedList< T, Allocator >::Node
 Cmodm::Lis302dl< Transport >::Data
 Cmodm::Lis3dsh< Transport >::Data
 Cmodm::LittleEndian< T >
 Cmodm::Lm75< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::Location2D< T >Location in a 2D coordinate system
 Cmodm::log::DefaultStyleThis is an empty style
 Cmodm::log::Style< STYLE >This is the interface to all style-classes of the logger
 Cmodm::Lsm303a< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::ltc2984< SpiMaster, Cs >::Configuration
 Cmodm::ltc2984< SpiMaster, Cs >::Configuration::Rsense
 Cmodm::ltc2984< SpiMaster, Cs >::Configuration::Rtd
 Cmodm::ltc2984< SpiMaster, Cs >::Data
 Cmodm::LUDecompositionClass for decomposing matrices
 Cmodm::Matrix< T, ROWS, COLUMNS >Class for handling common matrix operations
 Cmodm::MAX6966< Spi, Cs, DRIVERS >MAX6966 10-channel, daisy-chainable, constant-current sink, 8bit PWM LED driver
 Cmodm::Max7219< SPI, CS, MODULES >
 Cmodm::MemoryBus< PORT, CS, RD, WR >
 Cmodm::MenuEntryMenu Entry of Standard Menu
 Cmodm::Mmc5603< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< Levels >
 Cmodm::Nrf24Data< Nrf24Phy, Clock >::Feedback
 Cmodm::Nrf24Data< Nrf24Phy, Clock >::HeaderHeader of Frame
 Cmodm::Nrf24Data< Nrf24Phy, Clock >::PacketData that will be sent over the air
 Cmodm::Pair< T1, T2 >Pair<FirstType, SecondType> is a heterogeneous pair
 Cmodm::Pid< T, ScaleFactor >A proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID controller)
 Cmodm::Pid< T, ScaleFactor >::ParameterParameter for a PID calculation
 Cmodm::platform::BitBangOneWireMaster< Pin >
 Cmodm::PointSet2D< T >Point set
 Cmodm::Polygon2D< T >Polygon
 Cmodm::pt::ProtothreadA very lightweight, stackless thread
 Cmodm::pt::SemaphoreCounting semaphore
 Cmodm::Quaternion< T >Quaternion
 Cmodm::Queue< T, Container >FIFO queue
 Cmodm::Ray2D< T >
 Cmodm::Register< T >
 Cmodm::Resumable< Functions >
 Cmodm::ResumableResult< T >
 Cmodm::rtos::Queue< T >
 Cmodm::sab2::Interface< Device, N >SAB2 interface
 Cmodm::sab::ActionPossible Action
 Cmodm::sab::CallableBase-class for every object which should be used inside a callback
 Cmodm::sab::Interface< Device >SAB interface
 Cmodm::sab::Master< Interface >
 Cmodm::sab::ResponseResponse object for an action call
 Cmodm::Saturated< T >Saturated arithmetics
 Cmodm::Scheduler::TaskScheduler task
 Cmodm::ScrollableTextScrolls the text if the required space of the string is less than the available
 Cmodm::SCurveController< T >S-Curve trajectory generation with feedback
 Cmodm::SCurveController< T >::Parameter
 Cmodm::SCurveGenerator< T >Trapezoidal S-Curve Trajectory
 Cmodm::SiemensS65Common< SPI, CS, RS, Reset >Driver for Siemens S65 displays
 Cmodm::SmartPointerContainer which destroys itself when the last copy is destroyed
 Cmodm::SpiDevice< SpiMaster >
 Cmodm::Stack< T, Container >LIFO stack
 Cmodm::stts22h< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::stusb4500< I2cMaster >::RdoRegStatusData
 Cmodm::Tcs3414< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::Tcs3472< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::TftMemoryBus8BitGpio< PORT, CS, RD, WR, CD >
 Cmodm::Tmp102< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::touch2046< SpiMaster, Cs >::Calibration
 Cmodm::ui::AnimationBase< T >
 Cmodm::ui::FastRamp< T >
 Cmodm::ui::Indicator< T >
 Cmodm::ui::KeyFrame< T, N >
 Cmodm::ui::KeyFrameAnimation< T, N >
 Cmodm::ui::Pulse< T >
 Cmodm::ui::Strobe< T >
 Cmodm::unaligned_t< T >
 Cmodm::Vector< T, N >Class for handling common point operations
 Cmodm::Vector< T, 1 >Class for handling common vector operations (1D)
 Cmodm::Vector< T, 2 >Class for handling common vector operations (2D)
 Cmodm::Vector< T, 3 >Class for handling common vector operations (3D)
 Cmodm::Vector< T, 4 >Class for handling common vector operations (4D)
 Cmodm::ViewStackStack which handles the displaying of views on the graphic display
 Cmodm::Vl53l0< I2cMaster >::Data
 Cmodm::Vl53l0< I2cMaster >::TimeOverhead
 Cmodm::Vl6180< I2cMaster >::Data
 CModmHardware< Uart >
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< 1 >
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< 10+1 >
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< 2 >
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< 3 >
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< 5 >
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< 6 >
 Cmodm::NestedResumable< NestingLevels+1 >
 Cmodm::Queue< Message, BoundedDeque< Message, N > >
 Cmodm::Register< Parent::UnderlyingType >
 Cmodm::Register< T::UnderlyingType >
 Cmodm::Resumable< 2 >
 Cmodm::Resumable< 3 >
 Cmodm::Resumable< 6 >
 Cmodm::ResumableResult< bool >
 Cmodm::SpiDevice< SPI >
 Cmodm::Stack< modm::AbstractView *, modm::LinkedList< modm::AbstractView * > >
 Cmodm::Stack< modm::gui::View *, modm::LinkedList< modm::gui::View * > >
 Cmodm::log::Style< DefaultStyle >
 Cmodm::log::Style< StdColour< TEXT, BACKGROUND > >
 Cunittest::ControllerController singleton
 Cunittest::CountTypeData type to count the number of constructor etc. calls
 Cunittest::TestSuiteBase class for every test suite
 Cmodm::Vector< int16_t, 2 >
 Cxpcc::ActionResult< T >
 Cxpcc::ActionResult< void >
 Cxpcc::BackendInterfaceThe BackendInterface provides a common interface for using different hardware modules to transmit messages
 Cxpcc::CanConnector< Driver >::ReceiveListItem
 Cxpcc::CanConnector< Driver >::SendListItem
 Cxpcc::CommunicatableBase class for all classed which need to communicate
 Cxpcc::HeaderHeader of a packet
 Cxpcc::PostmanPostman interface
 Cxpcc::ResponseCallbackCallback type, which has to be passed to communication during actioncall in order to be able to receive a response
 Cxpcc::ResponseHandleResponse to an action call