modm API documentation
Siemens S75/CX75/C81/M75 Display


class  modm::SiemensS75Common< MEMORY, RESET, WIDTH, HEIGHT, ORIENTATION >
class  modm::SiemensS75LandscapeLeft< MEMORY, RESET >
class  modm::SiemensS75LandscapeRight< MEMORY, RESET >
class  modm::SiemensS75Portrait< MEMORY, RESET >
class  modm::SiemensS75PortraitUpsideDown< MEMORY, RESET >


enum  Orientation : uint8_t { Portrait, LandscapeRight, LandscapeLeft, PortraitUpsideDown }

Detailed Description

lbuild module: modm:driver:siemens_s75

The controller in displays manufactured by Alps is a SOLOMON SYSTECH SSD1286 which can drive color displays of up to 132 x 176 pixels in 18 bit color.

The portrait mode is a bit more 'native' for this display because modm::GraphicDisplay requests that the vertical resolution is divisible by 8.

In portrait mode the connector is at the top. In landscapeLeft mode the connector is at the left border. In landscapeRight mode the connector is at the right border.

Pinout at LCD:

1 IN CD Command / Data Low = Command (Register) High = Data.
2 IN RESET Resets the display. Active low. Low = Reset, High = No reset.
3 IN CS Chip select. Active low. Low = Chip is selected, High = Chip is not selected.
4 OUT VD Sync Output. Unused.
5 GND Supply
6 IN D0 Bit 0 of parallel data
7 3V3 (2V9) Supply
8 GND Supply
9 VLED + Supply Backlight
10 VLED - Supply Backlight
11 GND Supply
12 IN RD Read Strobe. Must be tied high.
13 IN WR Write Strobe. High-to-Low strobe write data to display memory.
14 IN D1 Bit 1 of parallel data.
15 IN D2 Bit 2 of parallel data.
16 IN D3 Bit 3 of parallel data.
17 IN D4 Bit 4 of parallel data.
18 IN D5 Bit 5 of parallel data.
19 IN D6 Bit 6 of parallel data.
20 IN D7 Bit 7 of parallel data.

Pin 1 is unmarked. Pin 5 can be recognized by a thicker trace which is GND.

The backlight (VLED +, VLED -) consists of four white LEDs in series. The forward voltage is about 12 volts.